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Episode #95 S1-EP95 What Sales Leaders Need To Do To Elevate Their Sales In New Environments with Alice Heiman

Episode Summary

Alice Heiman joins Collin Mitchell in this episode of the Sales Hustle podcast. Let’s hear from Alice as she gives a review of her sales career from where she started and all the way to becoming a go-to consultant in building and fortifying World Class Sales Organizations.

Episode Notes

Alice Heiman is one of the most sought after entrepreneur sales coaches who Founded and is Chief Sales Officer of Alice Heiman, LLC. It is where she extensively demonstrates the direct correlation between sales performance and a leader’s mindset as she firmly believes and practices that a sales leader’s approach to their sales team immediately and dramatically determines the sales results. 

Alice has spent over 20 years training sales professionals all over the US on a variety of skills, strategies, and tactics. Despite the fact that sales wasn’t the first choice for her career path, she still found her way in establishing her name in the industry that’s separate from her father, Miller Heiman who owns Miller Heiman Group - one of the most recognized pioneering sales training service providers in the US. Further proving that her talents are deeply rooted into her genes, Alice is a thought leader who is always incorporating the newest research and best practices into her sales programs which are proven and tested to master the complexities of sales and accelerate results. From generating leads, handling objections, closing deals, to retaining customers and getting a consistent flow of referrals, she’s an expert in simplifying the sales process that would fit the company’s culture. 

Alice will be launching her own podcast that features CEOs of mature companies that are within the $10 - 100 Million range as they talk about how they built their organizations and the things they do to keep their sales in a constant progression. Found out more when you visit her website at

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