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Episode #93 S1-EP93 The Path to the President’s Club with Meghann Misiak

Episode Summary

Meghann Misiak joins Collin Mitchell in this episode of the Sales Hustle podcast. Let’s hear from Meghann about her sales story that got her into the profession and where she is now in helping other professionals meet their goals, achieve their quotas, and enjoy their incentives.

Episode Notes

Meghann Misiak is the sales strategist/trainer who Founded The Path to President’s Club, a professional training and coaching platform that helps salespeople find the shortcut to the highlight of their career. By helping individuals achieve mastery of their craft, her platform allows salespeople to work consistently and get their return of investment faster than usual. 

Meghann has been in the business of transformation since 2016 with the way that she’s been accountable for not only training sales teams and inspiring change, but also for driving results. She does this by helping B2B sales teams close - in higher quantities and higher profitability through sales training, frameworks, and coaching. Through her method of enabling sales leaders to scale and develop their teams in a more strategic way, she’s able to ensure that every seller is set up for success from the first day. 

Throughout the course of her career that spanned in a few short years, she went from a commission-only sales job, to achieving President's Club during her first year in a B2B sales role, then moved on to becoming the Associate Director of GTM Training at Movable Ink, an enterprise Saas organization that caters to clients like AmEx, Hilton, and The Home Depot.  

The Path to President’s Club is the fulfillment of Meghan’s career. It was the result of her taking the leap into her dream job as a sales training consultant and helping B2B sales teams accomplish their own wildest dreams. 

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