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#186 S2 Episode 55 - From Selling Sports Gear In His Trunk To Helping Clients Sell 300M+ with Darrell Evans

Episode Summary

In one of the longest episodes yet of the Sales Transformation Podcast with Collin Mitchell, he's joined with Darrell Evans, co-founder and CMO of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, Inc, podcast host at The MindShift Podcast, and investor/business growth advisor at CANI 365, LLC. Darrell talks about some revealing truths about the mortgage, banking, and digital market space with a passion. Not only that, he dives into how he started out in sales, how to find the right prospect, honing your mind to generate more sales and so much more. This episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom from both Collin and Darrell that will surely level up your sales game.

Episode Notes

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01:02 Darrell's early sales experience selling sports great at the trunk of his car

03:50 Finding the leads that you can close and eliminate the follow-up mindset

07:22 Understanding patience and the long game

11:59 Five star prospect and the ideal customer

16:29 Honing the customer journey and your mind bring sales

23:32 Telling potential customers to slow down and have the courage to say you're not the right person for their needs if it applies

28:49 When Darrell made the jump from sales to marketing

34:24 Final thoughts and how to connect with Darrell


05:14 "The best salespeople become resources to their prospective customers in such a way that you essentially eliminate competition. So what most people would do is if you aren't ready to buy a home or mortgage and you don't close today ... they pretty much move on to the next lead."

07:06 "Salespeople can elevate their game is understanding that you can't control timing. Even if there is 'triggering event' that would likely want to purchase your job is to understand you don't control timing, they do."

11:49 "Another problem that salespeople make is that they try to close everybody. Well everybody is not your customer."

15:21 "If you sell from a scarcity mentality, if you sell to a prospect who is more educated than you about it, you're going to lose the sale anyway."

19:35 "If you get real refined about who it is you wanna sell to, who you want to be an expert to and who do you want to be known as your life gets easier."

26:26 "You are in control of your business, you're in control of who you want to be in the marketplace. I decided that I wasn't going to be a rate junkie, that was what we called them in the game. I'm going to be an adviser, that's how I approach my business ... and that simple distinction means you behave in a different way."

32:38 "The digital marketspace feels very much as nasty and scammy as some of the days in the mortgage industry ... I talk to business owners today, and they're in such a jam, a mess because of someone who 'call themselves an SEO expert.'"

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